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Good Looking Makeup Artiste Shocks Many People With Her ‘Real Face’ After She Removed Her Makeup (A Must See Photos)


A popular makeup artiste on social media has left not only her followers amused, but also the rest of social media after astonished right after she shared photos of her taking off her makeup.
The artiste, @tanielle took many by surprise after she revealed a huge cake of make-up concealing her real face in the photos now making rounds on social media, the artiste’s real face which is covered by acne can be seen in contrast with makeup on her face.

People were left surprised at the huge cake of make-up she uses to cover her acne, and some others saw it as deception, realists said she needs to let her face breathe so she can treat the acne instead of masking it up.

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More photos below:

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Posted by on September 22, 2017 in Gists


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