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Abia State police commissioner orders Arrest Of Anybody Caught with Biafra Emblems

During the Parade of The seven suspected members of the IPOB Terrorist group, the new commissioner of police, Anthony Ogbizi in Abia state, has warned the public that anybody found with the Biafra flag will be arrested and charged to court.
The Commissioner of Police noted that with the proscription of the group by the South East governors, IPOB has become an illegal group and anyone who adorn Biafra emblems will be arrested and prosecuted.

The CP said:
Nnamdi Kanu and his brother, engages in photo-shopping. They thrive through propaganda.
They say IPOB is an armless group doing protests, but you have seen it yourself that the group is violent. They set bonfires on the road and attack with offensive weapons.
IPOB destroyed the Ariaria Police, they were armed with petrol bombs which they used to destroy Police and exhibit vehicles. They also carted three pump action rifles and threw a petrol bomb on a patrol vehicle conveying MOPOL men.
You can see the destruction of commercial vehicles.
IPOB coordinated these attacks from Nnamdi Kanu’s house. IPOB members confronted the military at Isiala Ngwa. Look at the attack on the bank, we don’t know the motive.
IPOB going to this extent cannot be said to be a non violent organization. Anybody that abets, finances, encourages or associates with IPOB will be arrested.”

The police commissioner further added that one of his officers, an assistant superintendent of police injured during the crisis between suspected IPOB members and security operatives in Ariaria police state, Aba, has died from his injuries.

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